Jenga Africa visits Serare primary school to educate, inspire and encourage children

One of the critical areas Jenga Africa focuses on is schools and JA visits schools yearly to educate, inspire and encourage children. We are currently working on a school programme aimed at counselling children, focusing on the 3 pillars of JA.

In 2018 May, Jenga Africa visited Serare primary school in Kenya to advise, encourage and educate students on depression and suicide. Serare Primary school is a day and boarding school located in Ngong, Kenya. Using her personal testimony, Sheilla Akwara shared her story on how she struggled with depression, and how she managed to overcome her many troubles.


Testimony #1

A ten year old boy approached Sheilla Akwara after the talk in a shy manner and said the following:

” I need your help please, because I just keep hearing that you’re lazy, you’re lazy,” he said. “What do you mean?” Sheilla asked. “I just keep hearing you’re lazy,” he said as he pointed to his head over and over. “Who told you that you’re lazy?” Sheilla asked. “When I was in kindergarten, my teacher used to call me lazy all the time when I was in class.”

Sheilla was touched by his eagerness to receive help from this troubling matter. He kept looking around nervously as he didn’t want anyone else to hear what he was saying. Sheilla pulled him to the side and began counselling him. After the session, he became happy and began sharing his dreams and aspirations in life. He wanted to become a chef curator or a pilot, (he was leaning more to the chef dream) and his face lit up as he spoke of his passion with food.

“Do lazy people have big dreams like yours?” Sheilla asked. “No, they don’t,” he replied. Sheilla advised him to not hang on to negative words, whether its from a teacher at school or family at home, but to look inside his great heart and keep believing in the vision he carried. “What they say to you is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of them. Never accept such words. You know who you are.”